Basement Wall and Retaining Wall Repairs

As a homeowner, discovering an issue with your basement wall can be quite alarming. Your basement is an essential component of maintaining your home’s structure, and a failure in your basement wall could lead to a failure in the foundation’s ability to support the entire home. Whether you are seeing bowing basement walls, cracks in your basement wall or water is beginning to seep in, issues with your basement can be a direct result of a failing foundation. Repair methods to resolve your foundation will depend on several factors including the extent of the damage, type of soils your home rests on and the structural integrity of your home.


Cracked and bowed basement walls are a common home foundation problem that is easily repaired using the CHANCE wall anchoring system. This pre-engineered solution secures the wall deep within the soil. As a CHANCE Certified Installer, DSH Foundation Solutions can repair and prevent future wall movement in your home by anchoring the wall in place.

Helical anchors can help prevent walls from moving by securing the walls position regardless of soil swelling and the resulting pressure pushing against the wall.

Retaining walls can be designed using Helical Anchors with a modest increase in cost. Building code accepted, CHANCE Helical Anchors can keep retaining walls from further movement and repair them to their original position.

To repair a basement wall using Helical Anchors, a small hole is drilled for the anchor rod to pass through the basement wall. Then the bearing plate and the anchor is installed into the earth with a small high torque motor. Once depth and predetermined torque is achieved, the anchor is terminated and a plate is mounted inside the basement wall to hold the wall in place. If the wall needs to be moved, then sufficient soil must be removed to allow the wall to move.


  • No cure time – immediate proof test and load
  • Installs with readily available equipment
  • No excavation or spoils
  • No de-watering
  • Reduced labor and equipment costs
  • Installs in any weather
  • Maximizes flexibility with changing soil conditions

DSH Foundation Solutions is a CHANCE Certified Installer.

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